New study finds pregnancy and home repair are not compatible

Being pregnant while trying to get a new house ready for moving day, for lack of a better word, sucks. There’s so much to do this week. So much that has already been done or will get done with no help from me. I feel completely worthless. My husband and inlaws are taking care of everything, and I’m ever so grateful for all their help because without it, we wouldn’t be ready. I tried helping last night and managed to put contact paper on three shelves before calling it quits and going home. Just standing there and measuring and cutting caused my heart beat to accelerate and my breathing to get labored. I had to keep sitting down. Pathetic. I would’ve cried on the way home if the roads hadn’t been so bad due to the freak snow storm. 

I don’t understand how some women can work through out their pregnancy at actual labor intensive professions. My mom worked behind a deli counter through two of her pregnancies and  I don’t see how she did it. I have been babied with a desk job since I was 19 which is very compatible with my lazy personality. It has enabled me to remain lazy which is NOT good for pregnancy or for fixing up a house. 

I’m not even going to go over to the new house this week anymore. What’s the point? There’s still plenty to do at the old house and it’s up to me to do it. I may have to get off the chocolate cooler wagon for the much needed energy boost if it’s going to get done but baby will just have to deal with it. 

This was a very whiny post. Please don’t feel obligated to comment and sooth my ego (especially if all you’re going to say is “You’re pregnant. It’s ok.” It doesn’t feel ok to me.) I just needed to get it out.


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  1. I understand completely. You know what? I spent my first pregnancy waiting tables at a fine dining inn and restaurant and did so through my 8th month. I was on on my feet, walking and lifting A LOT! This pregnancy I am not “working”, but I am ten times more tired. Go figure. As Toots would say, “it is what it is”. Take care.

  2. Putting down contact paper SUCKS, no matter your current state (I bought contact paper for my house before we moved in and I still haven’t done it). If you need help with anything, let me know! I like playing with other people’s houses. 🙂

  3. Wanna go for a walk this week? It’s going to get up to 50 degrees by the end of the week. We could go walking along the river. It could be like a “let’s get active slash maranda is leaving my neighborhood” walk.

  4. dont make me run over there and slap you….let them do the labor…I understand this is YOUR HOUSE YAY!!! but let them do the manual labor and YOU DELIGATE!!! (however its spelled)…you throw the pillows on the couch or hang a picture or go get your flowers ready for your garden…and i am with Jessie on this…CONTACT PAPER SUCKS…no matter what!

  5. Wow, I’m so impressed you even feel bad about it! What a good person you are :-). Remember how I wanted so badly to move (who am I fooling, I still do). Anyway, I was practically dreaming of it happening while preggers so I had an excuse not to have to participate in the suckiness that is moving! Celebrate your excuse!

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