Winter will not stay down

I’m reminded of that scene in the second Austin Powers movie when he’s back in the 60s at his pad and that one female spy keeps getting shot with bigger and bigger weapons but won’t die and Austin demands “Why won’t you die??”.

After a beautiful weekend of 40 degree weather and snow melting merrily away…it’s fucking snowing right now. Not just cute little snow either; they’re expecting 4-8 inches total today and tonight.

This is not cool.

“Bright side”: We’ll be near 50 by Friday which means the snow isn’t going to stay.

Still. I’m not happy about this. Neither is anyone else in my office. There are several grown men whimpering right now. I’m going to join them.


One Response

  1. add me to the mix….end of quarter end of month and then mother nature drops this on us! GRAW…i am taking 2 minutes to myself to read your blogs because i will pull all my hair out soon if i dont…AHHHH and yay to mr & mrs homeowner now…dammit…i forgot the boxes…bring tomorrow…oh well i would not want to drive across the street in this crap anyways to bring you them…sorry but i did get new tires…i should really just blog instead of leaving you a book long comment that others prolly dont want to read….just needed to vent and there you were 😛

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