Milestone Monday 3/31/08 133 days to go!

Oh the temptation not to talk about the house and all its awesome houseness. It wouldn’t be fair to Nibbler. I’ll gush about the house later when I’m “packing”. Until then, IT’S AWESOME AND HOUSE LIKE! EEK! And there’s a fire pit in the back yard. And my kitchen is blue. But that’s enough of the house. Focus. Baby. Awesome wonderful baby. With his super cute room in the super awesome house. 

Milestone 1: You know that feeling when you’ve got a creature growing inside of you and it starts pushing all your organs up and/or in and just breathing normally is hard? Yeah, that’s kicked in now. And I’ve said it so many times but it bares repeating: I’m am frighteningly out of shape. Must walk more. Must do something because at this rate when it comes time to push this kid out, I’m going to need an oxygen mask. Actually, I think they give you one any way. Because of the awesomeness of our new neighborhood, I can walk anywhere, including the pizza place down the road. Even though, oh, that was tough. So yeah, breathing is getting harder to do and my chest feels constricted but from the bottom up, not like someone’s giving me a bear hug. More like something (or someone) is pushing up to make room in my uterus or something. What’s up with that? 

Milestone 2: I’ve talked about my bathroom habits a lot thus far and I see no reason to stop now. This time it’s peeing. All the time peeing. Even when I don’t think I have to go and just go because I know I’ll have to eventually, I’m a freaking water fall or something. Last night was a perfect example. Ran in real quick on my way to J’s room and was shocked to sit there for a good long time urinating. I was a little impressed. At work I’m going every two hours at the most if not every hour, depending on the day. Oh, it’s going to be fun when he starts pounding directly on my bladder. 

Milestone 3: He’s already pounding elsewhere. I’m amazed at how active he is. My snarky co-worker thought she was being clever by pointing out that I eat a lot of sugar. This based on one lunch where I had a strawberry shake. I haven’t gotten over it. Mostly because I’m really good at holding grudges against people who annoy me normally but also because she doesn’t realize how much sugar I ate with Jaden and how little, comparitivly, I’m eating now. I tried explaining this to her but this is a woman who has never had children and knows not the preggie mind but seems to think its ok to talk about her 15 year old dog’s pooping habits. And before you point out all my poop discussions, I keep that on the blog, I don’t go giving descriptive details at work. I don’t even talk about my kid’s diaper issues. At the most I’ll say, “Jaden said she had stinky winkies and man, she wasn’t kidding.” I don’t go on to say it looked like a big puddle of under cooked butterscotch pudding. Because I care.

What the hell was I talking about? Oh yes. Nibbler is super active. Jaden got to feel him kick the other day but the god mother, bless her, is starting to believe I’m faking this whole thing in order to get a Space Luau baby shower. Which I may have done anyway because how much fun does that sound like? 

Milestone 4: I’m getting sick again. Knew this was coming since J’s been sick since last Thursday (her poor nose and face. I still think she’s cute but strangers at the grocery store were changing direction when they saw us coming down the aisle.) My husband’s sick too. This is all sucky for so many reasons but mostly because I’m already friggen congested due to Nibbler so I have no idea what this is going to mean for me. Plus my throat hurts. Lather pity on me. And on my hubby who is painting our house this week with a sinus infection.

Milestone 5: It’s so cool to see my “Time to go” lower than my “Time Along” in my pregnancy count down thingie . You’ve no idea. 

Milestone 6: Food is cool. Sometimes I picture Nibbler tugging on his umbilical cord like he’s ringing the butler and saying, “Could you send down a burger when you get the chance? Thanks.” Only a lot more demanding. So more like yanking and screaming, “FOOD NOW!” 

Milestone 7: Another example of how out of shape I am is my increased heart beat. It’s not all the time and it happened last time. Every once and awhile my heart will feel like it’s just pounding. I’m, again, not concerned. It’s just my body trying to keep up with keeping two humans alive. Man, that makes me sound like a super human…human maker thing. You know what I mean. My ONE body is supporting TWO bodies. Isn’t that freaking cool? Tell me that’s not cool. Way cooler than old dog poop, that’s for sure. 

Here’s Baby Center’s take on where I’m at:

Your pregnancy: 21 weeks

How your baby’s growing:

Your baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long — the length of a carrot. His eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed. And you can certainly feel him move. He’s oblivious to your schedule, though, so don’t be surprised if he starts working out just when you’re settling down for the night. If you’re having a girl, her vagina is formed now, though it will continue to develop until birth.

How your life’s changing:

You’re probably feeling pretty comfortable these days. You’re not too big yet, and the usual aches and pains associated with early pregnancy are, for the most part, gone. Relax and enjoy it while you can — the third trimester will bring some mild discomfort from carrying a baby who is nearly full-term.

That’s not to say you don’t have some minor glitches to deal with now. Increased oil production may have given you a mild case of acne, for example. If that’s the case, be diligent about washing well with a gentle soap and water twice a day, but don’t take any oral acne medications — or even use any topical acne products — without checking with your practitioner first.

You’re also prone to varicose veins now (especially if your mom has them). That’s because pregnancy puts added pressure on the veins in your legs. (Your blood volume is increased and your uterus puts pressure on the inferior vena cava, the large vein that returns blood from the lower half of your body to your heart.) As if that’s not enough, an increase in the hormone progesterone causes the walls of your blood vessels to relax, so as your baby and uterus grow, the veins can become more and more prominent. Varicose veins tend to worsen with each pregnancy, and while they’re most likely to show up in your legs, they can also appear on your vulva.

If your legs ache, put maternity support hose on first thing in the morning. Increasing your circulation with a brisk walk each day can also help, as can elevating your legs and sleeping on your left side with your feet propped up with a pillow.

OH! I have so many issues with tis “how your life is changing” crap. Well, mostly the whole “You’re feeling comfortable now”. What the crap ever!! I didn’t mention it in this milestone monday because I’ve already covered it but I’m still freaking sore all the time in my pelvic region. If I don’t have a pillow between my knees, I will feel it within 5 minutes. And even if I have the damn pillow, that doesn’t mean I won’t hurt. AND have I mentioned I’m so scared of getting a charlie horse that I have stretched my legs, I mean REALLY stretched my legs in three fricken years?? “Pretty comfortable” my ass. And what’s this “mild discomfort in the third trimester bullshit? There’s nothing mild about it. It plain sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it.Nibbler, please please please understand that I believe all of this is completely worth it and I’m not blaming you. That’s not true, I am totally blaming you but it’s not REALLY your fault. You’re just trying to grow and develop into a healthy baby. My body’s the big jerk who can’t handle the teensiest amount of discomfort, mild or other wise. Let’s look at the damn pictures already so I can stand up and try to ease my aching hips. That’s the nose not one singular eye in the middle of the kid’s face. I’m telling you this because at first I thought this baby was a cyclops. I didn’t want you to have to go through what I did. 


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