Home owners

Yes, you read that correctly. We can now check “own” whenever we fill out any form that requests our housing status.

I should’ve written earlier when my excitement level was still through the roof. Trust me though, there was lots of laughing and goofiness on the parts of Mr. Bingmar and myself.

When we brought Jaden to the house her excitement was beyond description. She ran around laughing and gave a wonderful video tour which I cannot post but trust me, it’s docent worthy. And right after that I got antsy and tired and wanted to be left alone with my family in our new home but there was work to be done.

While I kept J out of trouble, Matt and his parents went around the house taking inventory and measurements for the trip to the hardware store.

It’s now past 10pm and Matt’s still at the new house with his parents starting the “fixing up”. There’s nothing major but all the little things add up. I felt very useless wandering around so I took Jaden home. Well, to the current home. Maybe useless isn’t the right word. More like impatient. I like to think that when I say, “I want this color.” the walls magically change to the right color and I can move on with my life. Realistic for a home owner, I know. Thank goodness I’ve got inlaws that eat this stuff up and are able to help my husband or he’d have a very large task on his hand.

Oh so much to do still at the old home. That’s my job this weekend. I’m just going to grab boxes and go from room to room throwing stuff in them. Wonderful Husband has taken care of most of the major packing which is nice. Now as we enter the final week I’ll be packing everything except the essentials needed to survive. Wonderful Husband will be painting with Wonderful In-laws and bringing over boxes this week and then next Saturday is the Big Move.

I already got to witness the first rough housing match in the new house and it warmed my heart. The first of many warming moments I know.

Jaden is now wide awake due to a super late super long nap and messing up my hair thinking she’s being cute. She is but it’s still very distracting. And she almost knocked over a lamp. So off I go.

I’ll be keeping you all updated as the new house becomes the New Home.



2 Responses

  1. Congrats new home owner! I loved decorating our old house after we bought it and making it our own, I hope you have lots of fun doing the same.

  2. Congrats and all the best to you in the new abode. Man, you’re moving fast! I must admit, though, that I feel a bit sorry for Toots; it won’t be as easy for her to run over and hang out with you now.

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