You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out…

The last couple mornings Jaden has been a duck. I’m Mama Duck and Matt is Papa Duck. Jaden is Daisy Duck. Not the Bow wearing sassy pants duck from the Disney Empire. The adorable duck she’s mimicking is from her latest favorite book that I can’t help but read in a British accent:


Why a British accent? Everything sounds better in British for one and two, the author dedicated it “To my mum”. I feel I owe it to her to butcher her beautiful language. This is not the point of this post at all but if you have children or plan on having kids some day, get this book. And read it in British. It’s a really cute story about how important it is for kids to stay by their parents when they’re out and about and it has beautiful painted illustrations. But again, this is not the point of this post.

The point is, her new duck form (much like the car morphing into a space ship. Huh, kind of fitting since I own a Saturn…) has made the mornings a little easier. This coupled with my new more gentle way of waking her up with song instead of ripping her clothes off and demanding she get dressed now has made the mornings almost pleasant. Ah, heck. They are pleasant. Especially when she lets me put a pony tail near the top of her head because I called it a duck feather instead of a piggie tail or pony tail. Plus, when I say, “Come along, Daisy,” in my flawless British she comes right along. Granted, this is only two days now, but I’m riding it for all its worth.

This long winded intro brings us to the meat of this post: My unabashed pride in my daughter. Her imagination and new found love of farm animals (we were all cows the other night and once again I found myself surrounded by sheep only this time in the bathroom where there’s barely room for me let alone me and 5 sheep) are enough to send my Mommy Pride through the roof but then this morning happened and the pride is still flying high.

We’re driving the Duck Car to Gramma Rosie Duck’s house and passed by a Target office building that we pass every day and of which Jaden occassionally questions. Today was a day for questions:

J: “What’s dat?”

M: “That’s a big building.”

J: “Dat’s a building house.”

M: “Well, it’s not a house but people do go there every day to work.”

J: “Go to work?”

M: “Yeah, like mommy and daddy go to work every day only we go to different buildings. It doesn’t make much sense and I’d like to tell you it’ll make sense when you’re older, but it won’t.”

J: “Dat’s a hand.”

M: (bewildered, thinking she thinks the building is in the shape of a hand) “A hand?”

J: “Yeah, dat’s a hand.”

M: (I glance in the back and see she’s holding up her hand to the window) “Oh, yup. That’s a hand.”

J: “Dat’s a right hand.”

M: “What?”

J: “Dat’s a right hand.”

M: “You’re right. That’s your right hand. (barely containing my excitement at this new development) Where’s your other hand?”

J: (holds up her left hand) “Here.”

M: “That’s your left hand.”

J: “My yeft hand?”

M: “Yup!”

I then quiz her by asking her to hold up her right hand, her left hand, her right foot and left foot. She complies and laughs at the game and then I can’t hold it in anymore:

“I am so proud of you!”

J: “You proud of me?”

M: “Yes. Mama is so proud of you. I can’t stop smiling.”

And it’s true. I can’t stop.


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