Leeann Chin is no longer my friend

I had a craving last night on the way home. For Leeann Chin. Specifically, Beef LoMein. I loved their LoMein. The dark thin noodles that weren’t the soggy spaghetti noodles I get at any “authentic” chinese restaurant.

Did you catch the “d” in “loved”.

You should’ve seen me looking down the line hopefully with only the slightest hint of panic in my eyes. I didn’t see it. I didn’t see a sign for it. Finally, I had to ask. The nice young man behind the counter informed me that Bitch Chin discontinued the LoMein and replaced it with stir fry. Ok, he didn’t say “Bitch Chin”, that was me taking a little creative license. Funny thing about the stir fry though. I didn’t see beef as an option. Just chicken.

So, I ordered my stand-by Sesame Chicken. With an egg roll and cream cheese wontons.

The chicken was too spicy, the egg roll was blander than normal and the cream cheese wontons were barely filled.


Is what I am


Leeann Chin


My preggie feelings


I haven’t let it go


Will I


I need wontons again.


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