Is that a trickle of hope I feel or do I need to go to the bathroom again?

As promised, here are pics of the house that we’ll (hopefully) be in possession of this Friday. Hopefully. With all the craziness that has surrounded the process this month, I’m still not convinced it’s going to happen. But I’m allowing myself a tiny spark of hope.

I deleted the pics of the front and back of the house because I’m paranoid.
Here’s the yard:dsc06969.jpg

To the left, off screen, is a shed in great condition. Yay shed! Ignor the deck. We’ll be getting rid of it. It’s falling apart and just looks crappy in general.

Let’s step inside, shall we? Please remove your shoes. Notice the super cute front door:


Which opens up into the living room:


Yes, that’s a fireplace which WILL have stockings hung on come Christmas time.

Straight across from the front door is the dining room which has the patio door which leads out to the crappy deck and the awesome back yard:


Down the hall you see on the right there are the bedrooms, which all pretty much look like this, meaning they’re square, have hard wood floors and windows:


There’s also a bathroom down that hall but I’m not going to bother putting up a pic of it. It’s a bathroom. With really dark mauve Victorian wall paper. Let’s head on over to the kitchen which is next to the dining room and not covered in wall paper, Victorian inspired or otherwise:


See the groovy brown stove and dish washer. They’re OURS! Back off! And they’ll be replaced at some point in the near future. But the inspector guys says all the appliances work which is lucky for us because we just (hopefully) bought a friggen house; we can’t buy appliances for awhile. See that doorway next to the microwave? Straight through is a door to the 3 car garage:


Back into that little doorway thing off the kitchen. If you head to the left from the kitchen instead of straight there’s a staircase that leads down into the basement:


That paneled wall is where the stairs end at. Well, to the right of the wall. I WISH there was a secret passage. But I’ll take the not scary at all basement which includes a not scary laundry room:


a not scary storage room, slightly dirty 1/2 bathroom, and a music room for Matt (also not scary):


And that’s the house. That last room’s kind of a dull note. Let’s leave the way we came:



5 Responses

  1. woooooo! p.s. you better get to know your neighbors before you have wild parties. because i’ll be the first one to piss them off.

  2. ZOMG!!!!! that garage looks bigger than the house!!! but the basement actually looks nice and cozy 🙂 YAYYAAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAY

  3. It’s yours, I just feel it! Can you feel it?! Can everyone feel it?!

  4. YAY!!! YOU GOT A HOUSE!!!!!!!!

  5. C’mon now, I had to text Toots to get the news that you closed. I.Must.Be.Updated.Now and yes, the capped first letter and periods in between words is my new (and irritating way) of expressing feeling adamant about something. Post already, would ya?

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