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Finding Nemo Pics (at last)

In keeping with tradition, here are some pics from our venture to see Finding Nemo On Ice roughly 3 weeks late.

march-madness-3-1-thru-3-11-008.jpg She couldn’t keep her eyes off the goings-on below.

 march-madness-3-1-thru-3-11-017.jpg Matt and I were much less annoyed with the whole thing than we thought we’d be. Except for the fact that they managed to “Disney up” Yellow Submarine and Octopuses Garden. And Purple Haze…It was weird.

march-madness-3-1-thru-3-11-021.jpg See? Wouldn’t even look at the camera. Can’t blame her. There were skating fish to be seen!march-madness-3-1-thru-3-11-030.jpg I’m going to say this was taking during intermission when there weren’t any fish on the rink. It soothes my hurt ego.

These were also taken during intermission when Matt took Jaden to the magical and not at all dangerous world of Playing On the Escalator:



Then they came back and ate some trail mix:

march-madness-3-1-thru-3-11-024.jpg And I aww’d at how cute she is…Say it with me: “Awwwwwwwwww.”

Then the second half started and finished with a grand finale of all the characters skating around with no worries of any hidden sexual identity crises:


And we clapped and said yay:


And then went home and went to sleep. We didn’t take pictures of that. No wait. I did. But it’s on my phone. Sorry.


2 Responses

  1. hehe….all i can say about the escalator “That DANG kid is BACK on the escalator again!!!” Name that movie and you could win a prize 😀

  2. MALL RATS! My favorite quote from that movie (and many other people’s I’m sure) Except I’m pretty sure Brodie says the f-word in place of Dang.

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