Easter was as low key as we could’ve hoped. It also wiped me out completely. But you’ve already heard about that. Here is evidence of the crazy activities that led to my fatigue:

Dying Eggs with a 2-year-old-soon-to-be-three-year-old after spending 30 minutes decyphering missing directions on the back of an egg dying kit. We are withholding blame for the missing directions to protect the parties involved and because he feels foolish enough as it is:


march-14-23-021.jpg Yes, that’s a christmas decoration in the background that was missed when we packed them all up on New Years. And no, you’re not better than me for pointing it out.

That was Saturday’s activities. Then we move on to Easter Sunday which started with surprising a certain little girl with a basket of goodies from the Easter Bunny whom I think I’m going to start referring in the feminine pronouns She and Her. Santa Clause gets all the credit for Christmas, a chick should get some credit. Plus, spring and the whole fertility thing if we were pagans. Which according to this, I may as well be.

march-14-23-031.jpg Excuse the wires. We’re packing.

After injecting our sweet little easter child with pez, m&ms, whoppers and gummy bunnies, we went over to Matt’s Aunt Margaret for brunch with the inlaws. Which is always a treat. No sarcasm there. We had a lovely time. Jaden was a little shy at first seeing as it was her usual nap time and her best friend in the whole wide world wasn’t there. But soon he did show up and she took this great picture of him:

easter-2008-001.jpg This is Will our three year old nephew and Jaden’s BFF. That’s his mom and my sister in law in the background who, I’m positive, is more than gratfeul I didn’t crop her out of the pic. Who doesn’t love pics of them eating? Am I right?

To return the favor, Will took this amazing picture of Jaden which my husband DID crop me out of. (Ha!)

easter-2008-012.jpg This is my new favorite pic. For once, she’s not being goofy. Like in this one:

easter-2008-006.jpg That one’s partly my fault. But this? This is all her:

easter-2008-016.jpg Sorry it’s blurry. I don’t believe in waiting for camera’s to auto focus when I got a little girl acting surprised.

But we did manage to get one more sweet (in focus) pic of her and daddy:


Tomorrow I will post pics of our new house! Well, the new house we’ll have on Friday if we close as planned.


4 Responses

  1. Love love LOOOOVEEEEEE all the pics! The one in the cardigan and the nice smile is my fav! She just gets cuter and cuter!

  2. I am overwhelmed by the absolute cuteness of your family! AAAAAAAHHHHHH! (Cliare, by the way, go the same Easter dress.)

  3. What’s up with that noel sign? It’s almost April, you know…. 🙂

    She’s so cute and smiley and happy! She’s such a great kid! You’ve got yourself a good lookin’ family, Marcoda.

    You really need to take a family pic with all three of you in glasses. The cuteness would be TOO MUCH!!!

  4. Wait til the baby comes. Then we can all wear dorky glasses. In our ninja suits.

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