It’s official

I hate pooping.


10 Responses

  1. i think i just need to forward this on to my sister…just to prepare her!

  2. We have a friend that once said, and I quote “A good squoze is always nice” Now, can you guess which friend it was?

  3. I hate it when you poop, too.

  4. When I was about 4 I told my mom I was never going to poop again and she said, in her wise mom wisdom, “okay”.

  5. i’m bored…go poop again 🙂 then blog about it

  6. I will not poop for your amusement, MyTy!

  7. Um, really?

  8. hey…if thoust will not poop…will the dance?

  9. Hey, enough of this shit!

  10. Toots and I (now that I am past the age of 4, at least in actual years) both love to poop! What we hate is “all farts, no poops”.

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