A list for listing’s sake

I read somewhere that one shouldn’t blog when they’re bored or have nothing to actually write about. Pooh to that I say! Here are some random thoughts that go through my head sometimes: 

1) We’re not going to get this house. Something is going to happen to prevent it from happening. Once the Not Getting the House happens, I will hit someone. My husband has threatened to do this and I told him I wouldn’t allow it but the more I think about it, it’s not really fair that I get to hit someone and he doesn’t.  So, Mr. Bingmar, if this house doesn’t happen, you can hit someone but I get to hit them first. OR we could each hit a different person at the same time. I call dibs on Mortgage Guy. 

2) We are SO getting a house. In less than a week. A house. Of our own. With bedrooms for each of our kids that we will decorate in above the norm cuteness that people with come from miles around to see the cuteness and take pictures. And we will charge admission because we’ll have to pay for the maid to keep the house in picture taking status somehow. But seriously, the rooms are going to be cute. Jaden’s is going to be a cute meadow theme (but without all the gag-inducing frilly crap) with a blue ceiling that comes down and becomes the green meadow. I found some super cute window clings of realistic looking (but not so realistic that they’re scary) butterflies, dragon flies, lady bugs and wild flowers. I’m in the process of finding some fitting curtains and other wall decorations but there’s only so much web surfing I can do at work and at home it’s packing time. BUT the baby’s room is going to have a sea life/ocean theme with different shades of blue on the walls and these awesome buggers. There are more fish and also starfish and other cool things that I’m tempted to get. 

3) Why don’t I have more artist friends?  I want cool whimsical images of flowers and sea horses and other cool things painted on my kids’ walls but lord knows I have NO talent when it comes to that sort of thing. Husband says he can take a shot at it and I trust him to come up with something really cute. But it’d be easier if I knew someone who actually liked to paint and did stuff like this for a living. In truth, I’d LOVE to fly Electric Boogaloo up here and have her paint cute stuff all over my house. Think she’d do it if we paid her in beer? She’d have to pay her own way to get here though. BUT she’s more than welcome to sleep on our hide-a-bed in the basement. Which, if I haven’t mentioned, is not scary at all. 

4) Why can’t I NOT spell “scary” with an “e” before the “y”. You never see this misspelling because Word Spell check is awesome like that (Yes, Cockroach, I know you disagree). But it’s still annoying to have an un-intelligent machine tell you you suck all the time. 

5) Nibbler kicks a lot. I mean a lot. I remember Jaden kicking a lot too but this guy seems to be at it a lot more often. Does this mean he’s going to be hyper or he’s just a normal boy who has more energy for that kind of thing? 

6) Thank god for Matt. He may not have the energy but he can sure fake it long enough to let squealing giggling toddlers/pre-schoolers jump all over him. 

7) It’s snowing. Well, it’s snowy. Not snowing anymore. You’d think I’d be more upset about this considering it’s now officially Spring and all but I’m not. I know the snow won’t stay, it’s been above 30 for two weeks now, and it’s SPRING. SPRING, PEOPLE! Do you realize what this means? Green grass, leaves on trees, my daughter running around outside and at the park and being beyond cute in a setting other than the inside of our house. Walks around neighborhoods, grilling out, eating outside, Jamba Juice, rain, pasta salad, swimming, fresh produce that doesn’t break the bank, farmer’s markets, and oh so many other wonderful things like fresh air, birds chirping, sitting in the shade not doing anything. SPRING. 

8 ) I really hope we close on the house next week. 

9) Thinking about getting J her own digital camera. I found some cheap ones on Amazon for under $70. She loves taking pictures and I’d love to start her own folder of those pics. But I’d love even more if she took them with her OWN much less EXPENSIVE digital camera. I think she’d love it. And she can put as many damn stickers on it as she wants. 

10) The egg dying kit I got came with stickers to put on the eggs. Those stickers are now on her doll, a bottle of juice, her cup, the back of the egg dying kit box, and I’m pretty sure I’ll find more through out the house. I tried taking them away and putting them by my lap top but then I stood up to put cheese on garlic bread and out of the corner of my eye I see Jaden standing up. She looks at me with the most cheeky smile I’ve ever seen that screamed “I’m totally going to touch something I’m not supposed to.” I assumed it was my lap top and said, “Jaden, no, that’s mommy’s. Leave it alone.” She didn’t care a titch about my stupid lap top. She grabbed the sheet of stickers and triumphantly ran back to her chair and proceeding covering the afore mentioned objects with them. And yes, I let her. It’s her own damn fault tonight if her easter eggs don’t have stickers on them. 

11) Why did I eat two Einstein Bagels this morning? With cream cheese? It has thrown off my entire eating schedule. Today I’ve had: one bowl of cookie crisp (named “Best Cereal EVER” by Preggie Cravings Weekly), two bagles with cream cheese, 7 strawberries and one English muffin with peanut butter. My freezer meal is sitting neglected in the freezer but I’m eying my chocolate pudding and shortbread cookies… 

12) Although this blog may not reflect it, I really haven’t had that much junk food this pregnancy. With Jaden, I was eating crap out of the vending machine all the time and then feeling guilty about it but not guilty enough to not eat a big mac, medium fry, 6 chicken nuggets and a chocolate shake in one sitting. This time, junk just isn’t appealing to me. I’m not saying I NEVER eat it (ya’ll know I do) I just don’t eat as much of it. So that’s a good thing, right? 

I think that’s enough random thoughts for one post for the day. At least the afternoon.


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  1. I sent you a gmail email, but I wanted to post and let you know that I didn’t read your blog until after I posted about my lack of decorating. I hope my post didn’t come off as me being critical of you and your awesome and fun decorating ideas; I hadn’t even read your blog post yet. You go, girl, what great ideas you have! By the way, these types of posts on blogs are always my fave!

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