Serves me right for stepping out of my comfort zone

As it’s officially past 2pm, I’m crashing. Crashing hard. I think, “I need caffeine. I’ll grab a coke.” I can see the vending machine across the room and as I get closer I see root beer. “Root beer. Huh. I think I’ll have some root beer.” I make my purchase bring it back to my desk and am about to open it and enjoy the root beerie goodness (that I normally can’t stand with the exception of the root beer float) when I see the top of the can is filthy. Dirt has been encrusted into the top. So I spend the next two minutes cleaning the crap out of it with a napkin and paperclip. then, before I open the can, I want to check the caffeine content. I’m all about caffeine but I’ve been feeling guilty about my consumption of Caribou Coolers lately so I want to make sure this doesn’t have twice as much caffeine as a Cooler.

Now maybe you already knew this but I was shocked to see this:

A&W Root Beer 0mg

To make sure I grabbed my still unopened can and looked. Sure enough: “Caffeine Free”.

The bastards. But now I really want root beer so I’m going to go and open my caffeine free drink and enjoy the odd root beer taste and wish I had ice cream to pour it over.

If you’d care to destroy your illusion of caffeine content, check out or or 

You’re welcome.


2 Responses

  1. When is it ever unofficially 2 p.m.?

  2. Dude, just reading this gave me a caffeine headache.

    At least it’s not 2:00 pm anymore…

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