In the spirit of Lent I would like to get some things off my chest. It’s still Lent, right? I’m operating under the assumption that since all the fast food places are still advertising 2 for 1 fish sandwhiches that it’s still Lent. Honestly, I have no idea, not being catholic or any other religion that follows that deal. But I don’t think one needs to be religious inclined to feel the need to confess some not-stellar parts of their lives. And I like making lists.

Confession 1: Last week I developed an addiction to Caribou Chocolate Coolers. No, they’re not the same as Starbucks’ weird coffee/smoothie thing. This is a heaven all its own. I shouldn’t be drinking them for two reasons: 1) doy, pregnant. Not supposed to drink coffee and 2) Ever since they changed their recipe (nobody believes me that they did but nobody believed me when Taco Bell changed their shells and chips either. (WHICH, by the way, they changed again this past year.)So I’m used to this persacution.) I haven’t felt a great love for the Cooler that I did when Caribou first opened their luscious doors back in my senior year of high school. So WHY do I love them now? Why have I had four coolers over the last six days? Go get one (without the whip cream) and you’ll know why. And I COULD get the decaf version but I can’t do it. I just can’t. PLUS, I’m allowed one cup of coffee a day and chances are there is WAY more sugar than caffeine in these coolers so I’m totally ok. DOUBLE PLUS, seriously, go try one and tell me it’s not sex in a cup.

Confession 2: I don’t take my prenatal vitamin every day. Bad Preggie! Last time, every day at the same time as instructed. Now? IF I remember, I’ll usually put it off until later because I just plain don’t feel like taking it and then IF I remember to take it again later, I will. If not, oh well. Frankly, I think given the birth weight of my first born, the kid got a little too many vitamins and minerals and I don’t want to poison my second child with too much zinc.

Confession 3: I’ve given up on cleaning this house. Done. Don’t care. If you come to my house you’ll find that the only clean room is the kitchen because my darling husband has NOT given up. The rest of the house you’ll find clean and dirty clothes, some toys, paper, paper, and more paper and other random things just straight up cluttering everything. Don’t even go into the bathroom. Trust me. I’m saving up all my nesting instincts for starting new and fresh in a new and fresh house that I swore to my husband on my children’s life that I would keep up the clean with. Ok, I didn’t actually swear on my children’s life because I know me way to well. But I really did promise to try. And I meant it.

Confession 4: when there’s not much to do at work, I read blogs. There, I said it.

Confession 5: I don’t mind that Jaden sleeps in our bed at night sometimes. In fact, SHE’S the reason I didn’t shower this morning. You try getting up when you have an adorably cuddly two year old snuggled up to you and wrapping her arms around your neck to pull you closer and then saying, “No, mommy.” When you try to get up. My co-workers can deal with any potential odors. I got me the best damn teddy bear in the world.

That’s all I got for now. OH! One more

Confession 6: I’m counting down the clock until I can get me a chocolate cooler and I don’t care who knows it.


9 Responses

  1. only cuz you mentioned names check out this article:

  2. and this one too!

  3. Caribou, oh how i miss that place. Especially their coffee coolers. The only time I get them is when we come to MN to visit since they dont have any around here and didnt have any in GA. You would think living near seattle Id find all sorts of great coffee places but none can compair to Caribou.

  4. you take care of yourself lady. i mean it.

  5. Yay for not showering! Ever again!

    And yay for caffeine! See, caffeine makes you jittery, and being jittery burns calories, so if you drink enough caffeine to keep Nibbler jittery, he won’t be as big when he’s born. Let’s here it for fetus diets!


  7. You’re not the boss of me! Oh wait, you were reminding me. Thanks.

  8. OMG I want the best ever teddy bear!

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