Finally: pics from a month ago

My birthday at the children’s museum. Best mom EVER by the way. First: How sassy am I? Day before my birthday at the redwalls concert sporting my new hair cut (which has already grown out some and i’ve already lost the hang of styling it correctly. I managed to fashion a teeny ponytail at work today and was thoroughly impressed with myself. Ask Jessie.)


Ok, now proof of my awesomeness by way of taking my daughter to the children’s museum instead of doing something thoroughly grown up like laser tag or something.

dsc06999.jpg Lady is totally chilling in Big Bird’s Nest at the Sesame Street exhibit (I don’t bother getting rid of red eye. Photoshoppers hate me.)

dsc07007.jpg Schooling daddy Bobby Fisher style.

dsc07008.jpg Yeah, those are THE Sesame Street steps.

dsc07018.jpg Nothing like some rubber/plastic pond creatures to bring out the awe in a two year old.

dsc07027.jpg Now this creeped me out but J had no qualms about jumping up on a queen’s back and demanding a ride.

dsc07030.jpg As soon as we got to the factory exhibit, she threw on the hard hat and got right to work. She loves conveyor belts.

dsc07012.jpgShe’s a frog!

dsc07054.jpg And we wrapped up the day with posing for the next “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign.


3 Responses

  1. dude…sounds and looks like fun was had by all….but i still cant see your hair…i need more pics…especially now that its growing out AND YAY ITS FIND OUT WHAT SEX NIBBLER IS day!!!!!

  2. Photoshoppers don’t hate you, they just don’t understand your type. 🙂

    J is getting so tall! I can’t believe how tall she looks in the Sesame Street door pic! Very cute, looks like you guys had a good time!

  3. […] it’s here! And it fits although oh so snugly. Kinda like me squeezing into a certain skirt which is just plain uncomfortable now. The fridge doesn’t look uncomfortable though. Just […]

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