Excessive Whining Ahead

I could wait for Milestone Monday but this is my blog and my pregnancy and I want to whine now.

First, I seem to think Nibbler is out to get me. I had a dream in the early morning hours about getting our ultrasound tomorrow and it turned out we were having a boy. And I was disappointed. Matt asked, “You really wanted a girl, huh?” And I said, “No, I really wanted to be right this time.” and I was convinced that Nibbler was a boy just to prove his mommy wrong. And I honestly and sincerely don’t have a preference about whether I have a boy or a girl but I really think I have a problem with having to be right all the time. (Right now Matt is reading this and screaming, “Ya think??!”).

What is cool is that I’ve been so distracted by the house that I haven’t been able to focus a lot on the baby but now all I can think about is we get to find out what we’re having tomorrow and I’m so freaking excited!

But back to my whining. I’m so sore! My hips and my general pelvic region are just achey. And yes, for christ’s sake, I know this is normal and my body’s just adjusting itself to prepare for the giant freaking human that going to emerge from my nether regions. BUT this shouldn’t be happening yet! That really is my theme song this pregnancy. I feel like Dante in Clerks “I shouldn’t even be here!”. But it’s TRUE. I’m four and a half months pregnant but by looking at me you’d think I was 6 and a half. I was looking at myself in the mirror yesterday (all mirrors should be removed from every pregnant woman’s house by the way) and I was horrified. I came running (figure of speech) out to the living room in my underwear and said, “Matt! Look at this!” and even he said, “Yeah, you look like your 6 months pregnant.” And no, I didn’t smack him. He was agreeing with me. And it’s TRUE. He’s also very sweet to suggest that maybe there really are two in there. I did snap at that point that there weren’t two babies I’m just freaking huge. And I know you get bigger with your second but I’m still really scared of having another giant baby. Remember: 9 pounds 10 ounces! Even a pound less would bring the kid to 8 pounds 10 ounces and that’s still a big freaking baby! Don’t worry, I’m going to demand the doctor monitor this baby’s size through out my pregnancy because dear lord, I can’t go through that again. How soon I forget my rosey outlook of the miracle that will be the birth of my child. That’s how hormones work, people. Completely rational one moment, and not so much the next.

I really should start walking or something to help ease my joints and stuff and now that the weather is warming up I could start doing that BUT back to the house thing, any spare time I have should be spent packing which seriously wears me out. I packed five boxes of books on Sunday and it wiped me out completely. It doesn’t help that I have a desk job and only get up to pee and eat so my poor body really doesn’t get much in the way of activity. BUT, here’s hope. I just had a brain storm. I COULD start walking over my lunch as it continues to warm up. I know one former preggie who owes me and could join me on my treks. (ahem, you know who you are.)

And did I mention I’m a wuss yet? I think I may have said something about that somewhere…but to be safe I’ll say it again: I’M A WUSS. So all these little aches and pains add up and I want to cry. I snapped at Jaden this morning then had to explain to her that bending hurts mommy’s tummy and she can’t do it anymore so when she asks you to stand up and put your coat on, she’s not being mean, she just really needs you to cooperate. Ok? “Ok.” Right. Whatever. At least she put the hat on after 10 attempts to get her to do so and then threatening to leave her doodle pad at home.

Ok, I’m think I’m done whining now. Must get some work done. And eat my bagel. Where’d it go? Did I already eat it? Dang it! I’m still hungry.


7 Responses

  1. Aw, big big hugs. Everything DOES happen earlier. I am already waking in the night with aching hips and that didn’t happen last time until the 3rd trimester! I know it probably doesn’t help much, but you are so not alone. On the up side, my libido is over the top! (That last sentence was just for Tatum’s sensitive ears; yeah, your aunt is getting it on…a lot!)

  2. Thank you! It really does help that someone else is experiencing this too and I’m not crazy or overly sensitive this time around. Kudos on the getting in on aspect!

  3. you can get it on all you want, carla. just quit using the term pump and dump…i think i realized what i makes me think of – it makes me think of what old timey prostitutes used to do to cleanse their hoo-hoos after a bout of sex paid for by a stranger. you want me to explain?

    oh, and maranda…i blogged about your first born last night. that should cheer you up.

  4. HA! Now that’s good banter.
    Thanks, Toots, I need some good First Born blogging to read. 🙂

  5. Hey i wanted to let you know … With Tyson, my second child i gained WAY more weight…doctors said that i was going to have a huge kid! I was not ready for that….and well my son turned out to be 5.12 and well…doctor says “My….you had a lot of water…oops” so have faith…you just may be retaining a butt load of water!!!

  6. I’ll pretend that water retention is a good thing. As I stare at my bootilicious body in the mirror here at work. Oh yeah, this baby’s got back! *growl*

  7. Okay… so I totally wanted to go for a lunch time walk and asked someone else because I didn’t think you’d be up for it! Go figure! I’m all about it! I need to lose these 15lbs I’m still sporting from my ‘magical time’!

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