She’s so literal

Jaden has no desire to get potty trained. She’ll be three in June and with the new baby coming, I’d like to get a move on with this. She doesn’t care. She’s perfectly content wearing nasty diapers. Matt and I are both trying to get her to see reason.

My attempt:


“Whoo! J! Let’s go change that diaper. You stink!”

“I stink?”

“Yes, you stink. Do you have poopy diaper?”


“Let’s go.”

Whilest changing diaper.

“Y’know, J. It’d be cool if you pooped in your potty instead of your diaper.”


“You know when you have a wet diaper? You can do that in the potty. You can poop in there too so you won’t have a stinky diaper.”


“Whatever. You have to sit in it. I’m just trying to help you out.”


Matt’s attempt:


Shortly after arriving home and before starting dinner.

“Jaden, do you have soggy bottoms?”


“Let’s go change it.”

Whilst changing diaper.

“Stinky britches. You got them stinky britches.”

“I not have stinky bitches!” (she can’t say her r’s very well). “I stinky winky!” (We don’t know where she got that from.)

“Oh, sorry. Stinky winky.” Pause to take off diaper. “When did you go potty?”


“Did you poop in the car?”

“No! I not poop in the car!” (How could you even suggest such a vulgar thing!)

“Did you poop in the house?”

“No! I not poop in the house.”

“Where did you poop?”

“On my butt!”

Can’t argue with that logic. And he didn’t try.


4 Responses

  1. Hee hee! “I not have stinky bitches!”

    J is the cleanest pimp in town.

    So cute! 🙂

  2. stinky bitches…that’s so awesome. put her potty chair in front of her drum set. that might work!

  3. […] if that work mostly constitutes rambling about daily life with poop and puke machines (oh so much poop and puke talk in this blog for someone who can’t/won’t do it when other people are […]

  4. […] just that with him taking the initiative to go potty on his own not once but a few times, I thought maybe he would get to it faster than Jaden? Alas, […]

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