“I would while away the hours, consortin’ with the flowers, consultin’ with the rain…”

Except its too fecking cold for rain! I don’t mean to complain about the weather because how dull is that to read but my godz. A month of sub-zero temps and wind chills is too much. I’m all for combating Global Warming on a NORMAL day, but right now I’d be totally ok with Minnesota adopting a more moderate climate. Like Nevada. They don’t have snow there, right? When I have these thoughts I think about the polar bears slipping off of disappearing ice berg things and feel guilty. Then the evil part of me says, “When are you EVER going to see a real polar bear? The Como Zoo ones don’t count.” Then I feel justified in my dreams of a dessert climate. Except I ADORE Minnesota springs and summers and falls. The sucky thing about having such awesome NICE weather, is it makes the super sucky 10 month suck fest that is winter seem even longer. Yes, I exaggerate. But, Minnesota has freaking cold weather from mid-October until the end of April. That’s…(counting on my hands) 6 and a half months of sucky-freeze-your-ass-off weather. Is that REALLY work 5 and a half months of awesome beauty and sun and wonderfulness?


Sorry, I snapped thinking about how awesome it will be when it is warm again then realized we still have two months of this bullshit left. And I mean bullshit because that’s the ONLY way that would make this worse: if all the snow was giant rolling hills of actual bull SHIT.

I should lighten up. But it’s not only the ME being crazy cold but my daughter’s poor skin is no match for this dry cold weather. She gets a couple months’ respite from the cold and pollen and whatever else causes her eczema to flair up and winter is really and truly the worst. You should see her little hands. They’re just raw and red and bleeding. We oil, we oatmeal bath, we lotion, we lavender, we put socks on her little hands at night (after we bandage them up like a little boxer) so she doesn’t scratch them but then as soon as it looks like they’re healing, it starts back up again. And I haven’t talked about her ankles, feet, ears, neck and face.

Please godz don’t let my second baby have eczema. It’s too hard watching this. Yes, there are much worse things I’d also not like my babies to have but this is what’s on my mind right now.

TWO FECKING MONTHS LEFT!!! Are you freaking kidding me? Just so not cool in sense of the word.

This is though:

and this

But THIS really reflects my true feelings of two more months of winter:


2 Responses

  1. I feel yah, sistah, on the never ending winter and cold. Hang in there!

  2. hey at least the COLD SNAP WITH NEGATIVE WINDCHILLS is over…i believe :S And dont worry about the polar bears sweetie….they will evolve over time prolly grow flippers so they can live in the cold water :)evolution baby…evolution….sorry

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