Random things that amuse me to no end: Episode One

1) blogging in bed. Really anything to do with my laptop including my husband informing me that I can now use my laptop in the kitchen (immediatly I went to playing sims in the kitchen and thought: “duh, I know” but then I finished listening to what he was saying) to have recipes up on the screen while I cook like I always wanted. I got all excited and said, “yay!” even though we both know I don’t cook but we’re both too polite to say it out loud and instead commented on how much counter space the house we want has so it’ll be perfect for laptop cooking. This is why our marriage works. We leave unsaid that he does all the cooking while I sit on the couch playing on my laptop.

2) Jaden’s lisp. It’s adorable. Really. I don’t have an audio clip of it but it’s really subtle and even though speech impediments in kids over the age of 6 annoy me, I wouldn’t mind if she kept hers until 6. Because, my kid or not, speech impediments in kids over the age of 6 annoy me.

3) Jaden talking in general. Every day she’s building her vocabulary more and more and I seriously crack up every time I hear her. Yes, I know I’m not supposed to laugh at my kid but come on! She was singing a song about how matt and I need to calm down! We weren’t doing anything but talking to eachother over dinner. I think “calm down” is her way of saying, “You need to pay attention to me now so I’m going to be really cute so you can’t ignore me.”It works every time. Does that make us enablers or pushovers?

4) Jaden in general. But specifically how she’ll strut around the house in a goofy walk with her head held high, looking at the ceiling, with her eyes closed, bounce off the dish washer, stumble, then continue in the same fashion only now occasionally opening one eye to see where she’s going.

5) That damn Geico Gecko. I giggle every time I see him or hear him on the radio. And I do mean every time. He’s so fucking adorable! Pretty sure it wouldn’t be the same without his little cockney accent but he’s pretty darn cute without.

6) My husband. He may tell some painful puns sometimes but even the painful ones leave cause for being impressed. He’s so damn quick. I can’t keep up with him. Word play amuses him and thus amuses me to no end. A recent interaction:

(background: I’d gotten my hair cut the day before (pics coming I promise) and the product the lady used had caused me to have a sever allergic reaction on my ear, forhead and neck. This is me calling Matt on the way home from work after a day of my ear apparently cooking under this crappy product and then becoming overwhelmed with pain on my ear.)

Me: God! My ear is so irritated right now! It hurts!

Him: *giggle*

Me: Are you laughing?

Him: *giggle* Yes.

Me: Why are you laughing? I’m in pain.

Him: Ear…Irritated. EARitated.

Me: Oh dear lord!

I was annoyed at the time because, seriously, it hurt like a mo’fo and he would later feel bad for laughing when he saw my beet-red and blistering ear. But now I look back on it with such love for my man. My great big dork of a man. But I am in no position to call anyone a dork anymore (see number 1 thing that amuses me to no end)
On that note, I’m going to bed. I’m not even going to read my comments or look at my stats. That’s a lie.


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  1. oh dear, you used the term “mo’fo” …. pregnancy psychosis has officially kicked in hasn’t it!!!

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