Enough of the secret agent stuff

So I’m a paranoid person. Not afraid to admit it…now that I think about it that’s a little ironic. Anyway, Marcoda is not my real name. You’re disillusioned now, aren’t you? I’m sorry to be the one to do that to you. I’m still not going to tell you my real name but I am going to reveal the names of my husband and my daughter to those strangers who read my blog. Why now? The reasons are three fold:

1) I realized there is no way to figure out where I live or to bring any harm to me or my family by reading my ramblings (which is the real reason I kept it all a secret. That and I always wanted to be a secret agent.)

2) I realized that if I had any real enemies that wanted to track me down there are easier ways than searching the blogosphere for clues.

3) I’m tired of proofreading my entries for any mentions of Matt or Jaden.

Mostly the last one. I’m very lazy. I admitted to my friend yesterday that I even though my house is fast getting past the point of “slightly disorganized” and entering “Whoa, you really shouldn’t be having people over” I keep thinking, “Well, I might be moving in a month so why bother cleaning.” Yes. That’s me at my most honest. Did I mention I was wearing a tank top and comfy pants and haven’t worn a bra in three days? Or showered? I blame my new laptop. Which isn’t fair because I just got this last night and that doesn’t explain the other day and a half of no bra wearing. But not having to be at work certainly does. Yet another example of how we treat those we don’t love better than we treat our own family. You’d think after my daughter (Jaden) inadvertantly copped a feel of the left lady when sneaking up for a hug I would’ve put one on but no. I just laughed hysterically and ran to tell my husband. Matt.
I’ve completely lost control of this post. Really my point was:

Now you know their names. I’m still Marcoda because, frankly, the name has grown on me thanks to my husband. Matt. Or Matthew. No, you cannot know our last name. I’m not that un-paranoid.

And I love my laptop. In fact! Why the heck am I on the couch when I could be blogging in bed?? Talk about lazy. I can’t even get off my but to go lay in bed and play on my laptop. Well, that is all about to change! I always needed a purpose to get over my lazy gene and I think I found it. Huh. Always thought it would be motherhood. Shows what I know.


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