How old are you? How old are you? You look like a monkey and you smell like one too.

Yesterday was my birthday. Whoo! In answer to the title question: 27. 27 is weird. Now I’m officially in my late 20’s. LATE 20’s. I got a new hair style on tuesday and yesterday at the Children’s museum I realized I now look like a mom in her late 20’s. Thought I looked sexy on Tuesday. Then the hair product burned the crap out of my ear and scalp and what not. Then the whole thing at the museum. I shouldn’t be upset. And I’m not really. I look my age. I always wanted to look my age as I’ve always had a rather…youthful look.

Whatever. I’m 27, married, mother of one, soon to be two and praying to the real estate gods that the bank will accept our offer on this darn house. When did I become such an adult? Could be worse. Can’t say I haven’t accomplished what I wanted to by this age. So I’ll move on.

I’m typing on my new lap top that my generous friend T-Dogg gave to me after a series of unfortunate events in her life that landed me a sweet used laptop. WHOO! Part of me is guilty because I can’t help but think this one’s a titch better than the one I got for H but lord knows I worked hard to get that thing for him so…I don’t know where I was going with that thought. Point of it is: I can now blog while J watches Toy Story for the 30th time. Cute part is she is now telling me what’s about to happen. Don’t think she knows I’m listening but I heard her exclaim:

“Oh no! Sid!”

“Dey Go’in pitta panet!”

“OH! Buzz gone!”

In that order. Then she declared she had a fresh booger so I had to give her a tissue so she could throw it away properly. I shouldn’t get grossed out by her picking her nose seeing as I’ve spent her whole life obsessivly picking boogers out of her nose as a) they gross me out and b) I feel bad when a giant pea sized booger is blocking her smaller pea sized nostril.

I think we need to get her one of those toy digital cameras because she keeps “taking pictures” with her play cellphone. She’s got two of them (we spoil her at the dollar bin) but she lost the one that actually makes the clicking sound of a picture being taken with a camera phone so all she has is a much gimpier version of a cell phone that, like, doesn’t even have a screen. It just lists the phone number on this calculator size bar thing. It’s just sad to see her holding it up to her eye saying, “Smile, mommy!” with this hunk of crappy plastic that SO doesn’t have any picture taking technology.

Oh the excitement that is my life. See the kind of gems you’ll be getting to read now that I have my own lap top? You are so lucky.

H is out getting me pizza and milk but when he gets back we’re going to pimp out my laptop with music and pics so I’ll be able to post some good pics from yesterday.

OH!! I remembered that the last time I really wrote about J I was saying what a sassy pants she’s become. Can I just say she was a the most well behaved kid at the museum and the doctor’s office and all day today. Minus a couple arguments we had over whether or not she was being naughty which went something like this:

“No, you can’t because you’re being naughty right now and yelling at mommy.”

“No! I NOT being naughty!”

“Yes you ARE being naughty!”

“No! I NOT being naughty!”

“Yes you ARE being naughty!”

“No! I NOT being naughty!”

“Yes you ARE being naughty!”

“No! I NOT being naughty!”

“Yes you are yes you are yes you are.”

“No I not no I not no I not!”

“Yes you are yes you are yes you are.”

“No I not no I not no I not!”

“Yes you are yes you are yes you are.”

“No I not no I not no I not!”

“Yes yes yes.”

“No no no!”

“yes yes yes”

“no no no!”

I’ll let you guess when we both started smiling and stopped taking it seriously. I can’t help it, sometimes she’s fun to argue with.

Oh, and she told T: “Peace out, dude” but it sounded way cuter than what’s their faces on Full House.

HA! I’m sorry, she just opened her ghetto cell phone and is now talking to someone. “Hello? Hello? Are you there? Are you going to bed?” I asked her who she’s talking to and it’s her Gramma Rosie.

God I love that kid.

Well, I think I’m going to go add some bookmarks to my browser on MY lap top.

You’re jealous I know.


2 Responses

  1. Just doing my part to put good energy out there. Happy computering.

  2. hmmmmm….if i had a “lappy” (oh thats too funny, hearing a 230 lb man call his laptop that) i think my house would be a mess and my kids would be eating pop tarts cereal and ramen for b-fast lunch and dinner…and then it would also be my travel companion to work!

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