Big J

I don’t really have much to say other than I love this little girl so much. What an amazing feeling it’s going to be having this kind of love for two babies.

Last night she talked to the baby, told it it was time to go night night, her little hands on my belly trying to look inside my belly button. I can only guess she was trying to see the baby. She’s going to be a great big sister. We told her so and that soon she’ll have a little brother or sister. “Brodder or tizter?” “Yup! As soon as we find out which we’ll let you know.” She was satisfied with the answer and went off to her bath.


a couple weeks ago we finally got to the zoo and J made quick friends with a Tamarin. We’ve got video but I can’t post it (durn wordpress) but this says it all. Little guy/girl came down and hung with J for 5 minutes. H declared that if they ever legalized exotic pets, we’re getting a Tamarin. Told him we’re getting a baby instead.


J went skating for the first time last Sunday for her cousin’s birthday. She was very excited and talked about it all weekend.


I have no idea where she got that smirk from….(marcoda looks around innocently)


Daddy helped her for awhile and they both had a lot of fun…


But she had to try it on her own. I was so proud I almost cried…


Here’s her second cousin, Eleanor, who happens to be J’s favorite baby in the world. She’s always so excited to see her and is very gentle with her. They’re so cute together.

Oh, the sucker was thrown away 5 minutes later when she dropped it on the floor and tried to put it back in her mouth and her mother got nasted out.


One morning I was doing something unimportant on the computer and came up to me in a panic. “Uh-oh! What happened?” She asked in a worried tone. “What happened?” is what she says when something isn’t how it’s supposed to be (mostly applies to socks and mittens). Instead of helping her right away, I took a picture of her then asked her to smile pretty. This is what she gave me. I then put her shirt back and she went off to play with her blocks.

Have I told you guys about the time she was trying to get me to come play with her and I kept saying, “hold on, baby, I’ll be right there.” and she got impatient and said, “Mommy! You come here now! 1! 2! 3!” and I didn’t know what to do so I went over there because I figured it was only fair that I come when she counts if I expect her to come when I count.  Well, now I did tell you.

How can I not love this kid? Seriously?



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