Random Things That Piss Me Off

For those of you that read my random blogs on myspace, you may remember my “random things I hate” entries. Well, I thought I was due for one today only I changed it to “things that piss me off” because Hate is a very strong word as opposed to Piss. I guess.

Random Thing #1:Right now, at this second, it is -14 degrees Fahrenheit but with the windchill it feels like -35. Yes, those are negative numbers. I don’t think I need to expand on this. This is just not cool on so many levels.

Random Thing #2: Ignorance when it comes to religion. I’m not claiming to be the expert in all things religion. Far from it. But I also know that a few whack jobs make many religions seem much more extreme and severe than they actually are.  What bothers me is when people like a certain friend’s sister says things like this: “I cant believe that anyone would vote for Barack Obama.  Did you guys know that he is a Muslim and if he wins president then he is going to bring all of his Muslim friends over and kill us all?  I read it in an email, its true.”   “Read it in an email, its true?????????” Are you freakin kidding me? I’ve heard about these emails going around but I never thought anyone would be so…..blind as to actually believe them. Oh there are so many things wrong with this I can’t even begin. But I can. First: this is not the first time ignorance has reared its ugly head at the general Muslim community. Glen Beck (I believe he can be seen on CNN) actually said these words to Minnesota Senator Keith Ellison who took his oath to office on the Karan, “At first I was confused whether I was talking to a U.S. Senator or a terrorist.” He said this TO A UNITED STATES SENATOR. TO HIS FACE. Now, I could get into the whole, “shoot, an oath makes a heck of a lot more sense when taken on something the person actually believes in than on they deem meaningless. May as well swear on Grimm’s Fairy Tales.” but I won’t. Because I’m focused on ignorance right now. I also won’t get into my personal beliefs and hopes for this country. I can only say this: If our country is truly going to have a SHOT at getting back the constitution we’ve let this administration piss all over, we have GOT to be more educated and not let religion, race or gender interfere with our politics. Whether it’s Mitt Romney’s Mormon background, Obama’s Muslim or black background, or Hillary Clinton’s sex, we have to focus on the issues. And the issues are right here in our face and more important than stupid artificial crap like those that I’ve mentioned.

Random Thing #3:  People who don’t swear and expect those around them to not swear. This is stupid. I can respect your wishes to not swear but you can’t give me a look when I exercise my wish to swear. Look, as a parent, I already can’t swear at home and those that know me know that this has been a VERY hard battle for me. Really, the only place I can truly vent my frustration in the correct mode is at my desk or in my car (which is only 50% of the time because the other time is occupied by the reason for my curbed language). Don’t get me wrong. I tone it down a TON. I don’t spew a string of  “Mother fucking shit bombs, this asshole is a fucking moron. Where’s a yard stick so I can shove it up his ass?” So I’ll be damned if I’m going to apologize if a “damn” or “hell” or god forbid “shit” comes out. And I will say “Lord.” in a disgusted tone under my breath from time to time mostly just to piss you off. And if you make a big deal about it, oh the cursing that will come your way via mental telepathy will make Lewis Black blush.

Random Thing #4: Hair. Hair is stupid. Know why it’s stupid? Because way too much time and attention is spent on making sure one’s hair looks just right. Then when it gets to a point where you absolutely can’t stand it (where I am now) you just want to shave your head and be done with it but then there’s the social backfire of being a bald woman who’s not terminally ill. (No offense to anyone who is or knows someone who is.) All the stress that comes with hair and hair styling seems like a lot of trouble for what is, let’s face it, a bunch of dead cells escaping the bonds of our body. That’s all I’m saying. And I really can’t wait to cut the living crap out of them on my birthday. But I may go sooner because my birthday is two freaking weeks away and this has gone on long enough.

That’s all the random pissiness I can muster right now and since my computer program I need is now working, I can get back to work. I will post a more happy entry later entitled “Random Things That Amuse Me to No End” which will probably emphasize heavily on J and H’s awesomeness. Stay tuned!

 UPDATE: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/muslim.asp I learned something new. I hope you do too!


4 Responses

  1. Sweetie…i’m there with ya on the shaving head thing…i was just explaining that to a friend the other night! Of course, i never followed through with it 😦 ….and dont forget, my sister thinks that the word to describe what your shoes do to keep you from slipping is “GRIPTION!!”….and yeah…swear away little lady 😀

  2. “Some people” need to realize they are surrounded by about twenty hardcore swearers who NEED to swear as a safe and healthy way to vent or they’ll toss their computers through the windows in frustration (and then it will get really cold in here because of the broken windows). “Some people” need to think less about herself and more about the group. There is no “some people” in team, dammit. Fuck! Yeah.

    And your hair looks very nice today. Really, it does. It will be ok.

  3. Agh, one of my cousins sent me that damn (shitty, motherfuckin’) Obama email. I couldn’t decide what was more offensive, that (a)she actually believed the email or (b)she thought I was of a “like mind”.

  4. I love reading your rants, and I agree with you on alot of these one. Especially the hair one, so many days do i just want to cut off my hair and buy a wig, maybe thats why I have hair pieces, just clip it in and its not so bad.

    anyway I have a blog, http://navywife7402.blogspot.com

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