A January Picnic

Thursday I stayed home because my mom had to have surgery (nothing serious, she’s fine) and couldn’t watch J like she normally does.  I wanted to do something fun with my first born because well, she’s freaking awesome. First on our agenda (drum roll please) PUTTING LAUNDRY AWAY! Yee-haw! Mom is the queen of fun! Seriously, she loves to help put clothes away. Really though she just rolls up towels and shirts and throws them on the floor. This time she sat quietly on the bed and watched Cinderella while I folded clothes. It was a good compromise.

After that was done we went to her favorite place in the world: Target! I don’t know why she loves it so much, but she does. And seeing as I had no time table to work with we just wandered around Target looking at stuff and trying to find some sweaters for mom (more on that in Milestone Monday) and trying on slippers and stuff. I left Target spending the least amount ever: $14.72. Cat food, a shirt, slippers and a bottle of way too sweet water.

Then off to the grocery store! The fun just doesn’t stop in the Bingmar family. J is a doll at the grocery store. For the most part. She helps hold things and puts things in the cart and doesn’t throw a fit when I say she can’t have doughnuts. (their selection is sadder than Cub’s but I almost bought a completely unnecessary dessert from their bakery. instead I paid a fraction of the cost for a rather disappointing betty crocker microwave cake thing. I should’ve gotten the brownie one. J liked it so that made up for my let down.). The only trouble I encounter is when we get to the check out and she turns herself completely around in her seat and tries to lean over the back to hand me groceries. She just wants to help and I understand that but in order for her to “help” I have to hand her an item and wait for her to hand it back to me so I can put it on the counter. Not productive. But we make it through with only one death defying episode when she almost made the final escape out of the cart completely and I said, “Child, you almost killed yourself and gave your mother a heart attack. That’s what we call a “two-fer” Don’t do it again.”

Through out all our random errands I kept tabs on the weather hoping it would warm up enough to venture a trip to the zoo. I’m not stupid, I’m not about to let my child wander around in sub-zero temps to look at a penguin. But, the zoo people are also not stupid and all the animals are inside now. However, in order to get to the different houses, one has to venture outside. I never told J my scheme because I didn’t want her to be disappointed if we couldn’t go. How do you explain to a 2 and a half year old that it’s too cold to see animals? That just doesn’t make sense, mom. They have fur, I’ve got a coat. What’s the problem? 

Instead I played up going on a picnic inside our house (“Isn’t that silly, J?” “Yeah! Dat’s bery tilly!”) so when we left the grocery store at noon and I saw by the handy dandy bank temperature reading gizmo that it had warmed UP to 6 degrees, she was all about having a picnic and had no idea the world of disappointment I’d just sheltered her from.

We got home and put the groceries away (her favorite chore in the world!) and I made pb&j sandwiches and cut them into little triangles (who doesn’t like little triangle sandwiches. I felt very Snooty English Tea Party, but without the ultra lame cucumber and butter sandwiches). Then I cut up some cheese and carrot sticks and one pear. The bowl of pear pieces promptly got knocked over and covered in cat hair so we didn’t get to enjoy them but I made up for it by surprising her with real live potato chips! Along with soda this is something we just don’t keep in the house. I don’t see the need. But, even when I buy her potato chips I’m a sneaky evil woman. They’re these “Flat Earth” chips that are made out of crap loads of veggies and baked, not fried, and every ounce equals a half serving of vegetables. And they taste like cheese pringles. Awesome. I’m so devilishly clever. And I want some right now…so good…

Following are pics and videos from our picnic which I have to say was a great success. I don’t really have to explain these, just look and bask in the glow that is my awesome parenting skills. (my daughter is right now proving me wrong by dumping out all of her play kitchen stuff because she knows I’m not paying any attention. And she just walked away from her new mess to find something else to destroy. The little jerk.)

Ok, so I just discovered can’t upload video because I don’t have the correct “upgrade”. Grr. So, you’ll just get the pics for now and when I have an extra $50 laying around, I’ll upgrade and show you the “making mommy proud” video of J singing and dancing to Twist and Shout. Trust me, the cute factor is almost too much to handle.Juice boxCheese

New bunny slippers. They match mine and she thought that was way too cool.


(my vain daughter just came up to me so show me her “baby” bouncy ball wrapped in a play pot holder but then she saw me posting pics and gasped, “It’s me!” but then she walked away again so I guess she’s not vain. Just really good at pointing out the obvious.)

Mom and carrot  J took this one of me. Notice the toilet paper and paper towels my husband bought last week that I still have not put away. And yes, that’s my wedding dress still in it’s bag behind my right shoulder also still not put away. Best wife ever. And even though it was 6 degrees outside, my preggie hormones declared it was 95 in the house. Hence  the tank top. Plus this way I don’t have to wear a bra. Bonus.


I love this little girl so much. So much in fact that since I believe it’s supposed to get up to  20 today(!) I may take her to the zoo at long last. Prepare yourself for more sweet J pics.


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