Preggie Brain Farts

The following occured before 6:15 am today:

-Dug through the clothes basket for outfit. Found a skirt and thought, “Oh, that’d be so much more comfortable than pants!” Went to iron clothes and decided I will NOT wear the bra I wore yesterday as I was literally DIEING in it all day. So, went looking for another bra in a pile of clothes in my bedroom. While searching for a bra I discovered the skirt I thought I’d just pulled from the clothes basket and was now waiting for me to iron. “What the hell did I pull from the clothes basket if the skirt’s here in my bedroom?” A t-shirt. H’s t-shirt. Not a skirt at all. Then I decided I did not want to wear a skirt because that would require tights and I can’t find my maternity tights. So I’m wearing the same pants I wore yesterday because the other pants I can fit into wouldn’t match.

-Fully dressed, I ate some cereal, brushed my teeth and went to unplug the iron. There I found my clean underwear that I HADN’T changed into. Ew. Yes, I then changed my underwear. Then reminded myself to get some clean socks as well. Then  reminded myself that J should probably get some socks too.

-Got my socks, was waking up J then remembered, “Crap! J’s socks!”

-Finally got out the door.

I feel like I’m forgetting something else that I forgot…Oh well. Probably not important.

 P.S. I dreamt about donughts again last night. Here’s the hilarious part: The dream took place in Cub! Which is stupid because we all know Cub’s doughnut selection is more than crap and they have none of the giant doughnut’s filled with yumminess that people cut a piece off and serve to you like a wonderful dessert. It was heaven. Heaven in crazy busy doughnut form. OH! Here’s how it was. Remember that Seinfeld episode with the bakery and Jerry ends up stealing a loaf of bread from an old lady? It was like that bakery only it was like a deli counter with people working behind the counter and serving you what ever wonderful creamed pastry you desire.

P.P.S. I don’t even really like doughnuts in real life…Probably because I’m always disappointed that they’re not like these damn dreams!


2 Responses

  1. that is just to dang funny…i love it, oh by the way…i think i have to start hating QC….they brought a canadian into the mix of things 😦 i sad now

  2. That’s so odd, you just don’t look nearly pregnant enough yet to not fit into your clothes. I’ll take your word for it, though. Or maybe I’m just too excited for you to look really pregnant.

    And now I want a doughnut.

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