Milestone Monday 1/21/08

Yay! Cold’s gone. Wooh. Happy times are here again! Except for the loss of sleep, continuing nausea, lack of comfortable clothes, etc. Let’s just head straight to the milestones.

Milestone 1: Sleep and I have entered a war that I had no idea was looming. Usually there are some warning signs: Someone forgets to water someone’s plants while they’re out of town so the second someone kicks the other someone’s cat, the first person reciprocates by burning their mail box then it’s full on war. You know how it goes. Some how I pissed off Sleep. I’ve been looking back over the last few weeks and can see a definitate bell graph that shows Sleep’s anger with me mounting to the zenith that was Saturday night when I didn’t get to sleep until 2am. Other nights I’ll go to bed at a normal time (8:30 or so) but wake up at 3 and toss and turn for the next couple hours until I have to get up. I’m going to try a couple things based on some data I’ve pulled. ONE: No more falling asleep in J’s bed. Sleep does not like being teased and if he only gets a half hour of my time, he’ll reciprocate by kicking my cat (or just not letting me sleep for another 3 hours. I forget which.). So, in an attempt to not offend Sleep with a shorter than desired visit, I will NOT fall asleep in J’s bed. I will require H’s help in this matter for I have no will power when cuddled up next to the cute sweetness that is a Sleeping J. (Sleep is not pissed off at her. Thank goodness.)TWO: I’m going to start a routing of eating peanut butter on toast before I go to bed. I just read that protein is supposed to help you sleep. Whether this is true or not, who knows. All I know is I’m usually hungry when I go to bed and I like peanut butter. Problem solved. I’ll let you know how this experiement plays out.

Milestone 2: I seem to be pissing other things off besides sleep. Cereal and I are no longer friends. What happened, Cereal? You and I had such a good thing going but ever since that second bowl of Cheerios a few weeks ago, our relationship hasn’t been the same. At least Cookie Crisp is still on my side. Oh, Cookie Crisp. How I love thee. All other cereal can go to hell for all I care. Take that General Mills. Also, my clothes hate me. My dress pants still fit ok because I have adjustable buttons on them (I was looking ahead when I bought them in September apparently) but all my shirts are crap. Maybe I just hate them or maybe I need to do laundry and only THINK I have nothing to wear. But, I already have a shortage of sweaters and other winter wear and now I find my enlarged tummy and “blossoming breasts” somehow shrinking the tops I do have access to. I’ve debated bringing up my maternity clothes but what’s the point? I can’t wear any of it for at least 2 more months. And since I just dumped every cent I have into my stupid car to get it starting again I have no money to go buy sweaters. Please please please let my bonus check come this week so I can buy at least 3 sweaters. It would have to be this week because the fashion world doesn’t understand that we don’t wear swimsuits in February but rather sweaters and turtle necks. Oh, speaking of blossoming breasts, mine are painful at night and they’re pissing me off. So at least I’m passing the pissy feelings onto others. Nothing like taking things out on objects that don’t deserve it. Only I think these do in a way. However much H is totally into them right now.

Milestone 3: I’ve gotten very protective of my food. And also very particular. No shit on that second point but let me explain. I nearly called a wonderful friend who out of the goodness of her heart watched our daughter at the last minute last Thursday and bitched her out for letting J eat my last granola bar and last yogurt. I stopped myself just in time figuring that’s not the best way to thank someone for doing such a fantastic job bailing us out (minus the yogurt and granola bar of course). My husband is fearful of retribution for eating my food. I quote, “Is it pointless to ask if I can have your last frozen burrito?” I smiled and nearly laughed, “Of course not, sweetie. You go ahead.” Then yesterday he went shopping and said he spent 10 minutes trying to remember if I liked low-fat yogurt or light yogurt then decided on the low-fat because there is some fat in it and I needed that for the baby (he knows how I feel about fat-free dairy products. Don’t get me started on low-fat cream cheese. H has learned his lesson. That’s all I’ll say.) On the one hand I think it’s really sweet that he cares so much about making sure I’m happy but on the other I don’t want him to be afraid of me. This just all goes to show that I’m much more of a bear this time around than with J. What does that mean for the baby’s personality? Now I’m afraid.

I think that’s it. Not much happening other than waiting out the weeks until the wonderful 2nd trimester. Check out these awesome pics:

Your pregnancy: 11 weeks

How your baby’s growing:

Your baby, just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig, is now almost fully formed. Her hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under her gums, and some of her bones are beginning to harden.

She’s already busy kicking and stretching, and her tiny movements are so effortless they look like water ballet. These movements will become more frequent as her body grows and becomes more developed and functional. You won’t feel your baby’s acrobatics for another month or two — nor will you notice the hiccupping that may be happening now that her diaphragm is forming.

A trio of figs (I’m not implying that there are three fig size fetuses (fetusi?) growing in my cartoon womb (see below).) No ruler, sorry.

This link always cracks me up: See what’s going on in your uterus this week. Don’t click on it. I’ll just post the pic here:

You see, this is my female parts in cartoon form. They look way more whimsical than they do in real life I’m sure. But here’s what I really wanted you to see that I saw on this page:

 It looks like a baby manatee or something doesn’t it? CUTE!

Happy 11 weeks, Nibbler! Your daddy and I are still trying to locate a Nibbler doll for you and even if we do we’ll probably still make you a Nibbler onsie on the suggestion of a very dear friend of mine.


2 Responses

  1. See there they go comparing Nibbler to food again…it was a Kumquat (or however you spell it) now its a fig…i bet the next one is gonna be a tangerine! any takers????

  2. Scary thought: a kumquat the size of a manatee.

    Cute thought: a manatee the size of a kumquat.

    I hope you get some sleep soon! Sleep is good. But you already know that…

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