10 week check up

Wow. It’s been a month since we got confirmed by the dr’s special pee stick. I see this as good for two reasons: As long as this process may seem, it’ll go by too fast. AND Dude, we’re half way through January which means we’re that much closer to Spring and no longer freezing our giblets off this year. That also means we’re that much closer to HAVING to find a new place to live, but I’m putting that stress off for another post. Now, this could’ve been saved for next week’s milestones but I couldn’t wait. Besides, I reserved the right to post however many preggie posts as I wanted between milestone updates. So there. Nya.

OK, so I ended up going to the dr by myself because last time the nurse told us that they probably wouldn’t get a heart beat because it was too soon. Liar. Liar Liar. Dr so DID try to get a heart beat. He was talking about my cold and that I would be the last one to recover in my house and then held up the heart beat detector machine (which looks a little like those toy microphone things ) and said, “And this is why.” I could only guess that the fast, rythmic whooshing sound was the heart beat. So I cried. Happy tears and then mentally cursed the Liar of a Nurse for my husband NOT being there.

Then he wiped the goo off my belly (you get very familiar with cold goo being on your belly when you’re pregnant. That and having a virtual stranger put his hand up you on a fairly regular basis and touching areas your husband doesn’t get to touch. “You uterus is in good shape. Now flex that vagina for me. Good, your pelvic floor healed nicely after last time. Just wanted to make sure.”) and we talked about family health history to see if anything had changed. Then he told me the interesting history of circumcision. This is why I love my doctor. I usually get a great history lesson out of the deal. (Plus, dude wears a bow tie. Non-clip on. Husband actually said the last time that if he ever shows up without the bow tie, we’re finding someone else.) At my last pap smear he told me all about mortgages and what to look out for because he didn’t want us to get into a bad situation. I can’t remember what lesson he gave me at the confirmation appointment but I’m sure it was worth being an extra 15 minutes late to work.

Anyway, then it came time for the “full exam” with the afore mentioned high five on the great uterus. Full exam also involves some probing of the breasts to make sure they’re developing as they should. This is when I had to stop myself from snickering. “Your breasts are nice and full. That’s good.” I actually smirked and thought, “Yeah, I bet that’s good.” Pretty sure the nurse caught my inappropriate smile. I’m terrible. Then he asked if I’d been able to nurse last time to which I proudly replied, “Yup! Almost 6 months.” And he congratulated me again for being an awesome milk producer. I always leave there feeling very good about myself. Who wouldn’t after all those great compliments that you just don’t get to hear every day.

Then the nurse took a pint or two of my blood and sent me on my way telling me to be careful not to faint. Dude, no problem. Didn’t you hear? I’ve got nice full breasts to keep me balanced. Or if I do faint, I’ll aim for a body of water so I’ll float.

Yay, Nibbler! Way to have a heart beat and not worry your mother. Now keep it up because on mommy’s birthday I’m going to show it off to your daddy and big sister. And, actually,  if you could keep it going for the next 80 or so years, that’d be great. Thanks.


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  1. Sounds like everything is going great, I hope I have that good of a doctor someday. Do they give you an audio copy of the sound of the heartbeat?

    By the way, today is Jan 16.

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