Several Awesome Things About Our Firstborn

I’ve been meaning to write about all the awesome things that I love about J and the different things she can do now that she’s 2 and a half. Here’s my list. Some have visual aids, some don’t. Read this and look at the pics and you’ll see why I want another kid.

1) As I type this, she’s singing along with her Sesame Street mp3 player (a big bulky plastic thing that plays 6 songs). Elmo sings a rendition of B-I-N-G-O and at the end says, “Yeah, Boy!” all thug like and Jaden just sang along with that for the first time. The other day she saw H with his ipod clipped to his belt and thought it was amazing. He clipped her mp3 player to her pants and she walked around incredibly proud of herself, looking down at it to make sure it didn’t fall off. Last night, she was listening to her mp3 player (she’s had it for roughly 2 years and every few months rediscovers her love for it) and Elmo’s songs came on and she held it up to her new Elmo stuffed animal she got from her uncle for Christmas so he could hear too.

2) Her laugh. I wish I had a sound clip for this pic. Her laugh comes straight from deep down in her belly. The most genuine happy sound you’ve ever heard. Laughing J

3) She takes great pictures. J’s pic of Daddy

4) She’s really silly and knows how to get a reaction from us. Her sense of comedic timing is great and this includes all sarcasm or dry deliveries. For instance, last night my dear friend Tatum came over for a spell and we were eating dinner. Tatum’s a great story teller and even though her story about meeting some guy on New Year’s Eve wasn’t entirely appropriate for a two year old (she censored, don’t worry), J knew where the funny parts were and laughed right on queue. She had her regular stubborn “I’ve decided I don’t like what you’ve prepared for me tonight” episode and Tatum tried to help. She told J if she didn’t take a bite she’d have to leave. J didn’t take a bite so Tatum stood up and said, “Ok, I have to go. Bye, J.” Without batting an eye she said, “Bye, Tatum.” She’s great at calling our bluffs. Funny Face J

5) Like both her parents, she feels the need to narrate what she’s doing in the form of song. Example: Instead of simply saying, “Polly, where are you?” She’ll sing her own version of Where is Thumpkin? “Where is Polly, where is Polly?”And other random things I can’t think of right now, but she’s surprisingly on key for a two year old.

6) She’s really into music. I know most kids are, but you can’t keep this kid from dancing. H likes to have his ipod going while he cooks and 90% of the time J is in there dancing away and asking us to dance with her. Her dance style ranges from simple swaying, almost ballet-esque to ska-punching at the ground to wild and crazy limbs every where spinning in circles. She also plays the harmonica and the drums. Not kidding. H got her drums for Christmas and they came with shape stickers to put on each piece and flash cards to teach her how to play. She follows instructions perfectly and her sense of rhythm is coming along nicely. H is so proud. Drumming J

7) She’s a reader. Not really, but she loves books. She’s got her favorites and has heard them so many times that she’ll now look at them on her own and recite what she remembers. I’m so proud. me and J reading

8 ) She’s into bears. H is Papa Bear, I’m Mama Bear and she’s Baby Bear. She uses Papa Bear most and it never fails to get her her way. I can’t blame H for this one. It’s really cute and I’m terrible for encouraging it. Oh, and she growls too. She also pretends to be lots of other animals: bunnies and cats and dogs mostly. She’ll stick out her tongue, pant, and said, “I’m a dog. Gimme bone.” Or roll on the floor like Polly and say, “I’m a cat.” Randomly over breakfast she started saying “ribbit ribbit. I’m a frog.” Sometimes she’s a lion or a tiger. We need to take her to the zoo again soon.

9) There are several words she can’t quite pronounce that end up sounding like the swear word that means “female dog”. My favorite it Fish because she says it a lot. Especially at the chinese buffet where they have these giant freaking gold fish things.

“I need to see the bitches.” “Bitches are swimming!” “Dat’s Papa Bitch.” “Night night, bitches.”

10) Tantrums and all that aside, she’s a great kid. Every day she amazing everyone around her. It’s so great seeing her grow and become more independent and sweeter all the time. She now asks for hugs and kisses, says, “I love you, babe”, and “You play too, mama/daddy?” She’s been asking to play Candy Land all morning so I have to wrap this up now. I’m sure you can tell I’d go on and on if I could.

Peek a Boo J Sleeping JSweet J

You’re going to be a great big sister, J 🙂


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