Christmas Christmas Time is Here

Oh Christmas time. I loves it. I would even go as far as saying I hearts it. (thank you for the best new phrase of 2007, Jessie) It’s even better when you have a kid of your own and they catch on to the whole Christmas thing. Yesterday’s snippet:

J wakes up from a nap we’d told her had to take place before our friends came over and gave her a present. She wakes up, sees a picture of said friend and exclaims, “Dason! Dason ‘ome over! Dason ‘ome over bing pesent!” I say, “Yup, Jason and Andrea are bringing you a present that you can open up today.” She sees our stash of presents up on the shelf and says, “Bing BIGGER pesent!” Yup, she gets the Christmas thing. And she’s all about saying “May Wristmas” and “Santa” and all that. Mostly “pesent.” Last night I talked H into putting the presents under the tree claiming J would get a kick out of it (really, I was too excited and wanted them under the damn tree already). Soon J is running from one room to the other carrying presents high above her head yelling, “unner wristmas wree!” She repositioned most of the presents because we didn’t do it right. I knew she’d have fun.

Tonight the real fun starts. Getting out of work early and heading home to make a super yummy Mango Chutney Cheese Ball ( and super yummy cheesy potatoes and seeing my super awesome cousin who’s flying in from Montana (and who is J’s godmother) then going to see my side of the family for food and presents. Then tonight we’ll prepare for Santa, do Christmas morning presents then over to H’s parents for brunch and more presents then to his aunt’s for an early Christmas dinner. Thank goodness I took the 26th off. I’m going to need a rest! I would anyway but with Nibbler zapping my energy, I’m going to really be beat.

Update on Nibbler: according to he’s now the size of a blueberry or half an inch long. Not nearly as pretty as a blueberry,but roughly the size. And my nausea has faded a tad over the weekend. Oh it felt good to eat again. I discovered that if I just eat as soon as I start feeling gross, that usually takes care of it. I also discovered I like hotdogs after all and peanut butter with strawberry preserves on wheat bread is heaven. Which reminds me, I made one this morning. I’m going to go eat it now.

Merry Christmas all you fine readers and I’ll give you a full Christmas report after the madness is over. I mean joyfulness. After the joyfulness is over. Joyfulness that can’t be treated with wine. Grrr. All of you have a glass for all the preggies in your life. And one for yourself too. What the heck: It’s Christmas.


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