Oh how fertile are we. Just a month of not really not trying to conceive and BAM! We’re 6 and a half weeks pregnant. “We’re.” I mean, I’M 6 and a half weeks pregnant. H doesn’t have to be nauseated all day and worry about driving home because the heater makes him want to drive directly on the median so I–I mean HE–can get past all these dumb a$$es who haven’t figured out that winter in MN means slightly wet conditions at times. Frick, winter ANYWHERE means slightly wet conditions.

Have I mentioned the hormones? How could I have forgotten the hormones? It’s only been 3 years since my last pregnancy. You’d think these things would stay at the fore front of my mind. Now I want to go back to Marcoda from October 2007 who was all “Oooh!I want a baby!” and shake her while screaming: “Remember nausia? Remember fatigue? Remember waking up congested? Remember bloody noses? Remember peeing all the time even BEFORE your little bundle of joy started headbutting your bladder while digging their sweet little feet up and under your ribs? REMEMBER, YOU STUPID BROAD??”

I’m being negative again. I promised Nibbler I wouldn’t be. It’s not his fault mommy’s all hormonal and pissy instead of joyous that she got her wish. Really, I do want this baby. I really really really do. Why wouldn’t I? I look at J and I think, “Being a parent is the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever done. And she needs to put that down.” (shouts, “J! Put that iron down and come help mommy.”) I just wish the first trimester wasn’t such a pain in the a$$. And I thought I was at least at 7 weeks. No. 6. That’s one week more than I thought I had left until the happy second trimester. Oh, second trimester. I love second trimester. You get your belly and people start treating you like a pregnant woman. Granted that means people start paying attention to you and when you hate people that becomes annoying but they’re attention is all good so that’s better. PLUS, since I’ve done this before I can tell people, “Yeah, this is my second,” so they won’t feel the need to relate their pregnancy horrors. Right? RIGHT?

Grrr. I was going to go on about how awesome eating is during the second trimester because you can actually enjoy it and not dread the end of a meal because you know you’re going to end up on the couch crying because you feel so sick. But THEN I remembered all that crap I CAN’T eat that I love: queso cheese, most fish, and STARCH! Yes, because J was a whopping 9 pounds 10 ounces 23 inches long (I feel like I’m giving the stats of a salmon I caught) and I’m 5’7″ and 120 pre-preggie, Mr. Doctor thinks I should probably watch what I eat a little better this time around. And I’m supposed to exercise. Exercise? I think I read somewhere that pregnancy is not the best time to pick up new exercise regimes and I’m pretty sure starting to walk every day is a new regime. I just want to sit on my a$$ on my couch and eat pasta and danishes. Is that too much to ask? I’m thinking after this first trimester I’ll deserve it. Grr.

BUT, I did get to tell my mom this morning. She cried. Happily I think. I know she’s worried about us and money and stuff but we’ll figure it out. I’ll be making more next year, hopefully H will be too plus we’re going to move in the spring which should cut down on our gas spending. Anyway, it was cool surprising her at work with that. Tonight we’re taking H’s parents out to dinner to tell them. At a Chinese Buffet. Please godz let me find something there I can eat. His dad’s been asking some very leading questions. I think they’re already suspicious. I don’t know why…I’m usually cranky and tired so that can’t have given me away…


Nibbler, mommy does love you. And even though mommy will never EVER stop loving you, you’ll find that sometimes, without trying, you’ll just plain piss her off. Remember that.


3 Responses

  1. It’s pathetic, but I’m actually sitting here crying I’m so gleefully excited and happy for you, H and J (and lil’ Nibbler)! But yay!!!! BABY!!!!! Excited happy woo!!! I’m sorry you’re feeling like poo, but YAY!!! Still excited!!!

  2. and myself so sorry for the slip…stupid STUPID me…call me stupid. YAY…babies 🙂

  3. […] Nibbler, you be a good godson and stay put while I’m gone! If you do this, I promise to buy you a […]

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