Oh goodness. In 30 minutes I’ll find out the fate of my future here at this fine company I work at. This job I want OH SO BADLY is SOOOO close to being mine but seeing at it’s me, I’m keeping my hopes close to the ground. Well I was until my dear friend who works in the area I want in…in tells me:

“Right after your last meeting Bryan told Gary to have you start the next day!”

So now I’m tentativly optimistic but also worried that I may have B.S’d a little too well. What if this job’s not what I want or more than I can handle? Oh, that’s just crazy talk. I’m Marcoda! I can do anything. (You ever see that episode of Friends when Monica’s credit card gets stolen and she ends up befriending the woman who stole it and tells her her name is Manana? And at the end she says, “I’m MANANA!” THAT inflection is what I was going for when I wrote “I’m Marcoda!” Just fyi.)

So, to kill some time until my meeting, here are the last 20 songs that played while my ipod was on Shuffle (in order from most recent to least recent):

20) High Speed – Coldplay

19) Time – Blind Melon

18) Prelude and Fugue VII in E Flat Major – Bach, J.S.

17) Things I’ll Never Say – Avril Lavigne

16) Sequentia: Tuba Mirum – Mozart, W.A.

15) Friday Night – Lily Allen

14) Twilight – Squirrel Nut Zippers

13) Pick Up The Phone – The Notwist

12) Keine Zehn Pferde – Klee

11) Girlshapedlovedrug – Gomez

10) Butterfly – Weezer

9) Only Dreaming – K’s Choice

8 ) I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2

7) Yours and Mine – Fountains of Wayne

6) Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise – The White Stripes

5) Creepin Up The Backstairs – The Fratellis

4) Poor Cow – Peter Bjorn and John (to be fair, I skipped this one)

3) The Girl from Ipanema – Pizzicato Five

2) Cowbell – Tapes n’ Tapes

1) Everest – Ratatat

OK, that didn’t kill as much time as I hoped. Darn these fast typing fingers! Well, I can’t keep typing about nothing so I’ll leave it to you all: Give me a topic to write a story about. I need either a main character, a place, or an object. My favorite suggestion will win a short story written by me with their submission included in some way. This is open to anything. Even characters or places already created by someone more creative than you. Copywrite infringement be damned. I’ll call it fan art.

(No, I will not be able to write it within the next ten minutes.)

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3 Responses

  1. YAY…good luck, if you dont come back to the building today you better text me and tell me how it went or i am gonna be crushed.

    Now i may not have a story for you to tell but man have i got a movie that you have to read about. This is the MOST interesting plot that i have read/heard in a LONG time! Copy and paste the above link….and tell me thats NOT creative.

  2. Just got your text so YAY and good job on textin us to let us know!

  3. Woooo!!!! You got the job!!!!! Hm, story idea: Your character is all excited because she just got a new job, only to find that the new group (we’ll call them…Logistics Solutions, just to be creative) is actually a cult. Of zombies. Zombie logisticians.

    It’s fiction. Really. Fiction… No worries…

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