180 Degree or “How Futurama Changed My Life”

Oh what a difference from Monday when I wanted to drink my self to unconsciousness. I adore my husband. I really do. He’s a wonderful wonderful man. Why? Because he reintroduced me to the crew:

I kick myself for not appreciating this genius of a show when it was on the air. I caught a couple episodes because Matt Groening had a hand in it but that’s about it. Then H and I started dating and we’d get high and watch Family Guy and Futurama. This was back when Family Guy was really funny, before it was put back on the air and all we had for either show was the dvds we’d get from Target.

Now why, if this all took place years ago, am I in such a completely different mood than two days ago (other than some happy moving foreword on the job hunt front)? Ok, look back at the last sentence in that last paragraph. See where I mentioned Family Guy being put back on tv? THIS IS WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH FUTURAMA!!!


Now, it’s not happening right away. Like all corporations, 20th Century Fox is struggling to make a profit. I know it’s sad. I cry into my pillow every night for them. So instead of coming right out and releasing new episodes and missing out on bleeding hard earned cash from dorks everywhere, they’re releasing four movies straight to dvd, then Comedy Central is going to get full rights to air said movies which will be broken up into standard 22 minute episodes (which I believe is actually being cut back to 19 minutes to allow more “Girls Gone Wild Volume 13: Co-eds Riding Donkeys” ads). Now, IF Comedy Central can make the new Futurama episodes a success, then the Fox Network (which is TECHNICALLY different than 20th Century Fox although I think they’re both run by some robot on Mars ) will pick it up, where they will then shuffle it around during the week until all viewings of the show dwindle down to Arrested Development levels (moment of silence for the Blooth Family………………………………………………………………………………….) and they cancel it (again).

“But, Marcoda! You still haven’t told us why you’re so happy now. Sure future airings of your favorite show EVER is a great thing but it doesn’t exactly give you the immediate satisfaction that you’re implying you have.”

You’re correct, fair reader. It doesn’t.

But having THIS does:

 What is that you ask? Oh, nothing except the first of the four straight-to-dvd movies which H and I are watching TONIGHT!!

Now, here’s another reason I love H so much. Excerpt from our bedtime conversation last night:

H: “I’m so excited to watch Futurama tomorrow.”

Me: “Dude, I know!! Me too!”

H: “I’m going to stop and get some tortilla chips on the way home so we can have nachos!”

Me: “We don’t have nacho stuff. OH! But I have those refried black beans and some condensed cheese soup. I can mix those together and add some spice.”

H: “That sounds so good.” (mouth open. I think I see hints of drool)

Me: “Oh, but get the yellow chips, not the white ones.”

H: (without pausing) “Triangles or circles?” (I said it doesn’t matter as long as they’re not Tostitos but if he was looking for more direction the stuff in the paper bag is the best. I think they’re called Mission which harkens back to olden times when the missionaries of Olde Spain went to Mexico and showed the people there how to make tortilla chips and then up charge the crap out of them.)

Then today I asked him to get some of this beer he found once that says something about Bender Brau or something. Not affiliated at all but, hello. It’s me. Any connections I can make between things I love (i.e. Beer and cartoons) I’ll make and make joyfully.

Moral of the story: To get Marcoda out of an incredibly dark place? Get me brand new Futurama*, nachos, and beer. And a potential kick ass job.


*Futurama can be replaced by anything related to Harry Potter.


3 Responses

  1. so is this why your not at work today…futuramabeernacho binge?

  2. There should totally be a Futurama/Harry Potter crossover. Kind of like The Jetsons Meet The Flinstones. Best Movie Ever!

  3. Sorry, while Harry Potter is awesome and Futurama is just as awesome in its own animated way I think to mimick the Jetsons Meet the Flinstones a Futurama/Simpsons crossover would be the absolute greatest thing to hit the screen….giggity 😛 (Family guy might work too :))

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