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There are a thousand blogs out there written and created by moms. Here’s another one for you. I’m married, have a two year old daughter I refer to as J and am in the 24-35 year old age group found on most consumer surveys. And like most Americans out there, I’m looking for attention and I’ll get it the only way I know how: writing amusing anecdotes from my life or about the people in it. I will ask permission from my friends to publish such stories but family is fair game. No really. I’m not just being a dick. This was taken straight out of my daughter’s birth certificate in very small print at the bottom: “Any person(s) related to individual named on certificate either through blood or legal union (ie: marriage, civil union, etc.) forfeits all privacy rights in regards to online journals, diaries, blogs, etc.” The really strange thing was I looked at my husband’s and it was on his too, but not on mine. Score for me.


2 Responses

  1. Well, that is an interesting story. I was wondering how it all went down. I still think the best name is Pol(l)y. I mean just imagine putting that on the vet’s form.

  2. must meet cat.

    you’re hilarious.

    i can’t stop picturing H running around the house peeing out of jealousy.

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